What to expect from a physio consultation


What can you expect from a physio consultation at Equip?

Depending on your circumstances attending a physio consultation can be daunting. What will the session involve? Will the testing process be painful? Should I even be at the physio compared to a massage therapist or chiropractor? This blog was written for you to give some background around what to expect and why Equip Physiotherapy is a little different.

1. You’ll be listened to

Everyone’s experience with injury and pain is different. How your symptoms affect you and your life if unique. Understanding the impact that your symptoms have on you is a key part of developing a road map to recovery. We allow 60 minutes for our initial consultations to ensure we understand how your symptoms are affecting you and what your goals are.

2. Thorough testing

We use a range of tests to ensure we arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Rather than making assumptions based off the location of your pain or a previous opinion we use a testing process to accurately arrive at a diagnosis. This then leads to a more effective treatment.

3. Your goals are our goals

What matters to you is front and centre for us. We’ll work with you to achieve your goals: big or small. On the first session we sit down with you to understand what a successful outcome means for you. Knowing your finish line helps us develop a plan to successfully achieve it. Goals can be anything from running a marathon to walking the block (and everything in between!)

4. We use evidence-based treatment approaches

We’re not big on gimmicks. At Equip Physiotherapy we have done post graduate training in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT). MDT is an assessment and treatment approach that has been well validated in the research. Staying up to date with the latest evidence-based care means we can provide you with safe, consistent and effective solutions.

5. Understanding

We work hard to ensure you understand the diagnosis and how to manage it. We love questions, because the better you understand your symptoms the better your recovery will be. If you know what causes your symptoms the pain experience becomes much less confusing and fear-inducing. Knowledge is power.

6. Empowered

Be a master of your own symptoms! We seek to educate you so that you’re in control and feel confident to achieve your goals. We want to work alongside you with the strong belief that no one knows your body better than you – the key is understanding what its telling you!


A physio assessment is an opportunity to understand the root cause of your symptoms, work with you to set goals and timeframes for recovery and equip you to become a master of your own symptoms.

So you can get on with doing what matters most to you.

Tim Cathers

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