WorkCover & CTP in Winston Hills

Have you sustained a workplace injury or been in a motor vehicle accident?

Injuries like these can prevent you from working at your normal capacity or engaging in your everyday tasks. It can be frustrating and sometimes a confusing process to go through.

We’re passionate about helping people who have sustained a workplace injury or motor vehicle accident cut through the confusion, regain control and get back to normal again.

Successful recovery from injury and return to work involves a few key phases. Firstly a thorough assessment to establish an accurate diagnosis, then a clear and easy to follow management plan and a staged return to normal duties.

We aim to work with you to safely and effectively recover well and get back to where you need to be.

We offer one-on-one physiotherapy sessions for Work Cover and CTP claims. All our physios are registered to manage work cover and CTP cases. These sessions run the same as our physiotherapy sessions.

We work closely with your case manager, doctor and other members of your team to ensure you’re progressing well and getting back to work and what matters most to you.

We provide you access to our exercise app to take the confusion out of the rehab program. The app has videos and explanations of all the exercises in your tailored home program.

We require that you have an approved and active Work Cover or CTP claim number prior to your first session.

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