Physio in Winston Hills

At Equip Physiotherapy we offer high quality physiotherapy services, with a strong focus on thorough testing, establishing an accurate diagnosis and a meaningful and effective management plan.

Our aim is to help you recover well and prevent future episodes – so that you can fully engage in life!

Our physios are all trained in the McKenzie Method which is an evidence based management system that allows us to establish an accurate diagnosis and effective management plan. We work collaboratively with you to understand your goals and tailor solutions that are relevant not only to your pain or injury but also to your stage of life, fitness level and time availability. We provide you access to our exercise app to take the confusion out of the rehab program. The app has videos and explanations of all the exercises in your tailored home program.

We’re passionate about helping people in pain to recover well and live life to the full.

How Equip Physiotherapy can help you

This service is for you if you’re experiencing:

Low back pain

Neck pain or headache

Extremity pain (eg. frozen shoulder, knee arthritis, tennis elbow etc)

Sports injuries (eg. hamstring/calf tears, ACL ruptures, ankle sprains etc)

Persistent and complex pain (pain that’s not improving despite longer time periods or other interventions)

Post surgery rehab (eg knee reconstructions, spinal surgery or rotator cuff repairs)

We work on a staged process of recovery:

Diagnose the problem accurately and discuss what is causing the pain/problem and give you a timeframe for recovery. We firmly believe knowledge is power!

We then discuss a management plan that involves in-session exercise and hands-on treatment combined with a home program (customised for you through our exercise app).

Working with you in subsequent sessions, we monitor and adjust your program to ensure progress is occurring at a satisfactory rate.

We ensure all contributing factors have been addressed by screening how you move as a whole. This helps to minimise the risk of the problem recurring. Where relevant we address weak links to optimise your performance.

We give you long-term simple prevention strategies that fit into your busy lifestyle.

We aim to take the guesswork out of recovery and provide clear and achievable steps back to you living your best life!

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