Movement Health & Performance Screening

Movement Health & Performance Screening in Winston Hills

This hour-long physiotherapy session is designed to analyse the way you move through 7 foundational movements. The system we use is called the Functional Movement System (FMS) and is an effective way of highlighting weak links or restrictions in the way you move.

We film your movement patterns and breakdown the motion to highlight where your strengths are and where your potential weak links might be. The bio-mechanical assessment compares the way you move in light of previous injuries or current restrictions.

You can think of this session as filling in the blanks. It helps answer the “why” questions that often go unanswered.

  • Can’t generate enough force on your kick?
  • Your foot starts to pain 15km into your run?

Knowing why that’s happening is what this session is all about. When we establish some insights into your weak links we can then advise you on exercises to reverse these and get you stronger, better controlled and moving optimally.

Discover your strengths and reverse your weaknesses.

Discover your strengths and reverse your weaknesses



Single step over

Push up

Activate your core

Shoulder mobility

Lower limb mobility

These standardised tests can be modified for any fitness/ability level. The testing process is to establish what you do well and what you could work on to improve your overall performance.

Based on the results of the testing we then establish corrective exercises that will make an impact on your overall functional performance. These exercises are tailored to your needs and are designed to help you return to optimal movement.

Wanting to elevate your sporting performance

Developing better control

Increasing strength

Improving agility

Enhancing efficiency

Maximising power

Recovering from an injury

Looking to get fit or start a new exercise/sport routine

Want to age well, reduce injury risk and remain active

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