1:1 Clinical Pilates in Winston Hills

We run small group individualised classes tailored to your needs and focussed on your goals.

Our Physio led classes and 1:4 class ratio, means you get lots of feedback. We pride ourselves in being able to design a program relevant to where you’re at – whether you’re uber-fit or just starting exercise for the first time.

We can also safely design a program for you if you’re currently experiencing pain- whether that’s chronic persistent pain or something more recent and acute.

We take the time in a one-on-one session to understand your goals and where you’re at currently. We run through a specific movement testing assessment that helps design a program specifically for you.

Rediscover the best version of yourself. Develop strength, mobility and control in an inclusive, warm and welcoming environment.

How Equip Physiotherapy can help you

This is for you if you’re:

Recovering from a recent injury like low back pain or knee surgery

Looking to get fit, improve flexibility and core strength

Wanting to improve your sporting performance: speed, agility and power for the field athlete or stamina and efficient movement patterns for the endurance athlete

Eager to age well and remain active – keep up with the kids or grandkids

Wanting to develop optimal strength, control and mobility

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